OPEN MIC: Tuesdays, 9pm - 1am

LIVE BANDS: Fridays and Saturdays



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friday, july 21

matt rozycki bbt takeover


saturday, july 22

Open date


friday, july 28

maxx out


yigga digga


saturday, july 29

blue clutch

lady hd

megan pennington and dan mckenzie




friday, august 4

Open date


saturday, august 5

Open date


friday, august 11

silsbe and friends


saturday, august 12

Tilted shadows

reigning jade

shadow event


friday, august 18

old game


kid midnight


saturday, august 19

grasping at straws



friday, august 25

ugly blondes


saturday, august 26

weird paul variety show





friday, september 1

Open date


saturday, september 2

Open date


friday, september 8



saturday, september 9

lorenzos oil

midge cricket

friday, september 15

the love letters


saturday, september 16

seedy players


friday, september 22

paddy the wanderer


saturday, september 23

uke and tuba


friday, september 29

bridgley moore


stuck in standby


coleton reigel


saturday, september 30

lofi delphi

park plan

the dark lines

mystic seers

jeremy caywood




























If you're interested in booking a show, contact us here Please note that we don't book touring/regional bands without local support, and all band members must be 21+ to play here.